2007    “Arrival after War,”ART BY XEROX Gallery, Tokyo
2007    “Two Times, Two Lights,”  Tohoku University of Art and Design, Yamagata
2007    “Lights of Fushun, Manchuria,” Toki Art Space, Tokyo
2007    “Two Times of Manchuria,” Ginza Nikon Salon, Tokyo
2006    “Two Times, Two Lights,” Himeji City Gallery, Himeji City Museum of Art
2004    “KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan 1928-2003,” Ginza Nikon Salon, Tokyo
2003    Video Installation“DEMOLITION,” Gallery b. Tokyo
2003    “Imagination Daughter,” Gallery Kobayashi, Tokyo
2002    “Mother's Dress,” Gallery Kobayashi, Tokyo
1991    “The Third Sex was a Combination of Male and Female, Plato,” 80 Washington Square East Galleries, New York
1988    “TRISTAN, Present from Elementary Particles,” Ginza Nikon Salon, Tokyo


2007    The 10th Exhibition of the Okamoto Taro Award for Contemporary Art, Okamoto Taro Museum of Art, Kawasaki
2004    “Art for Living Together,” Wooduck Gallery and Japan Embassy, Seoul, and Kyoto Art Center
2003    “Illusion and Fantasy,” Hiratsuka Museum of Art
1994    Art and Music Exhibition at Super Kamiokande Cavity Underground, Cosmic Ray Laboratory of Tokyo University, Kamioka Mine, Gifu
1991    “The Ten Japanese Photographers,” Multimedia Art Gallery, New York
1991    “CHAOS,” Barney Building Second Floor Gallery, New York


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